Monday, December 27, 2010

I Can See!

UPDATE 9/7/2016
Some things have changed (the site) but I am keeping the linkl because they have something else you can click on. Posit Science is now known by BrainHQ. They don't offer that particular vision package anymore. Instead, those games have been incorporated in their on-line program. This is good because this program is more affordable. Just click the RED and then START NOW.

Exercises remain the same. Occupational Therapy (OT) already incorporates these. If you want vision as primary, let your therapist know.


After a brain injury it is common to have vision problems (double vision for example, or maybe only one eye works). A common practice has been to ignore the bad eye and learn how to make do with the good eye. I propose something different-rehabilitate that bad eye. In so doing, you'll also increase vision in your other.

I say instead of ignoring the "bad" eye (I've seen it sewn up. Mine was covered with an eye patch.) use it. If you have the ability, purchase InSight from Posit Science, . This serves as the basis. Do the daily recommended schedule. If you can't and must save, then they do provide one demo game, . This is just one of the games in the program and can get you started.

Add reading to your program. If you have a "bad" eye, close your good one. Reading with both eyes open will work on coordination (good for double vision). Watch TV. (What?! This is good?) During commercials close the good eye, and watch with the bad eye. Use both to watch the program. Try to use both equally. It's common to want to use that stonger eye more, so you have to work at it.  Subscribe to an on-line joke-of-the-day or inspirational message. Every day read this with one eye closed. (Here's a trick: Combine this with Speech and read out loud.) Do the same with commercials when watching TV. (TV can be good for you!)

Do eye exercises. This comes from the Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises:

Eye Exercises
Looking up, then down. Slowly at first then quickly (20 times). Looking side to side. Slowly at first then quickly (20 times). Focus on a finger while at arms length. Move the finger one foot closer and back again (20 times).

Do the eye exercises every morning before you get up. You won't have to think of them the rest of the day.

Before starting any of this, wait at least one month after your brain bleed. It's possible any vision problems  will clear up. If it's been awhile since your incident, go ahead and start. It's never too late.

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  1. this is wonderful Angela! I was in Vision Therapy for almost 3 years post TBI. We did a lot of the things you mentioned above. I can't say my vision is better though, my right eye changes directions, all brain stem I was told

    This is great to read, taking a break from FB..