Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get It!

I can’t tell you how to be [resourceful], but I can tell you how to get
something (it has to be a tangible object and not money). I’ll use xxx, so it can be anything. It has to be tangible so you can take a
picture. It can also be a course if there is a certificate of completion. This is how some companies do it.

First, you have to write a proposal. This sounds complicated, but it’s not. All you need to do is write one paragraph. Make sure spelling and grammar are correct. It needs to be typed. Title it "Proposal". Print it. Centered on white paper so it looks neat. Make as many copies as you need.  I just used an amount I made up, so you can change it. The amount will have to include tax and any fees. Also, if used, any repairs, new parts, etc. Usually, any left over money has to be returned. Here's why it  has to be tangible, you take a picture of what you got being used (or photocopy certificate of completion). The company will use the photo in promos and newsletters. There is a chance it will be in the local paper.


$10, 000 to purchase a wheelchair van. My son has many appointments. These are mostly medical and therapy. My husband has to take off work for all of these
because we don’t have a handicapped vehicle and my son weighs 100lbs. My husband has to carry him out to the car and lift him out to put him in the wheelchair
when we arrive. A wheelchair van would allow me to safely transport him by myself.

Now you would write a general letter:

Month 00, 2011

To Whom It May Concern;

I, (name), am looking to purchase a (xxx). Enclosed is my proposal. You can
reach me at xxx-xxxx.


(name typed-first and last)
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Mail these to banks, auto dealers, stores, and anyone who gives away money.

I know a mom who raised money for her son’s autism treatment. So it can be
done. She was another one who made too much for programs, but not enough in a

When you get the van (or whatever) take a picture or 2 (this is why tangible) of
it being used. Some funders will ask for pictures anyway, so beat them to it.

This could be called grant writing 101. Although it’s only 1 page, it’s a
grant. You would then have grant writing experience (highly sought after in
the job market. This also would qualify you for the position of fundraiser at
most organizations.


  1. Thank you I will try this for the non profit I am starting. "Everybody Just Wants to have FUN" to bring happiness the the extremely limited and disabled brain injured in my area.

  2. So beautiful and direct! The other part is to not give up, and try all kinds of people even when you think they might say no. I don't write to specific grant proposals against what I am doing, but have certainly approached lots of people who didn't yet know us.