Monday, March 19, 2012

What the heck is 'rewiring the brain' anyways?

This is a very good story. It gives a lot of people with brain injuries hope. Those people wonder, though, how did he do it? "I want to do that." Well you are, sort of.

I saw something about me, "...a testament to the immense amount of plasticity that the brain is capable of."
My brain did it! How?

"What is neuroplasticity, though? It has to be easy so I can understand."

The words "neuroplasticity" and "rewiring the brain" are the same.


  1. I have a TBI, ABI, a stroke, TIA and had a frontal lobe brain tumor with blindness in one eye. But I am blesses to have a wonderful service dog named Manish Aghi. Angela Ronson thank you for sharing this with us here. You are here because you are suppose to be. Like me, you made it. We have a chance to assist others as you have done. Blessing to you.Anaperla Aureoles.

  2. I'm always so encouraged by your postings, Angela! Thank you for all of your research, and for making your knowledge available to the rest of us!