Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'll tell You Where

I was talked about on a show. "She came back with her personality and her sense of humor....Where was her personality all those years?" (The whole talk is pretty long. It can be found on Coast To  Coat AM, but you need to be a member to listen. I just happen to be part and quoted what was needed.)

My personality has been here the whole time. Sure my sense of humor is a little wryer. I may be a little quicker to pick up the ironies of life.

All those secrets...I know them. Like that one about the Respiratory Therapist having the affair. Don't worry. I won't tell your wife...or any of the nurses. (There was more than one!) You are just one more joke. 

I know plenty of jokes now. I remember all that happened after I opened my eyes, even though I could not speak. Want to hear a story?


With humor "no matter how painful your situation might be you can survive it." I had one of the most painful. There's still some trouble, but nothing like before, when I first opened my eyes. I survived the situation.

"Humor has shown to be effective for increasing resilience in dealing with distress and also effective in undoing negative affect." I got through it, but was it at your expense? I just point out what I see. I happen to see you. What you say and do is funny?

Don't confuse communication with awareness. I was aware. I just couldn't communicate.

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