Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting There

I take two steps forward and one step back. I'll eventually get there, but I'll be dancing.

"The nerve fibers from the cells were severed, but the cells themselves remained intact." Nerve cells that have not died can form new connections. It goes on to say, "The new research suggests that instead of the sudden recovery Wallis seemed to make when he began speaking and moving three years ago, he actually may have been slowly recovering all along, as nerves in his brain formed new connections at a glacial pace until enough were present to make a network."                                   

You may be able to do it one day, but not the next. That's alright. Your brain is rewiring. You can't see what is happening in the brain. When you can't do it again, try as much you can to finish. If a therapist is there, they will help you...correctly. 'You can't do it' is probably the brain making neural connections. You have started rewiring, making a groove, and you are making that groove deeper by doing it again.

Rewiring won't be fast. The person above was 19 years before it was noticed. I, myself, have taken years before notice.
The original reports are on Terry Wallis:

For more on Norman Doidge, the person who gives the tracks in the snow ("making a groove") analogy:


Tracks In The Snow (photo by Don Yegge)


  1. Ur not rly taking a step back. Your energy is just going elsewhere so u can't do what u were doing. The energy to step fwd is now going to your brain to grow connections.

  2. Your thoughts are beautiful, Angela. Keep thinking, it makes me think too.