Saturday, January 11, 2014


(Pictures are a good way of preserving memories.)


If the memory was stored in the area of the brain that was damaged or is gone,  then there is a good chance the memory is gone.

"Good chance." It's not known for sure. One belief, and you won't find it in a science text is that memory is "non-local." That is it's not in the brain.

Now, if you prescribe to the government's decision that all the lobes of my brain are dead, and I only have brainstem, then all my memory must be non-local and I am tapping this knowledge through ESP.

A few years after my bleed a private institution removed the blood clot from my head that caused the severe brain injury. They are separate from the government. An MRI was done before and after surgery. If I didn't have brain activity then, they would have highly publicized it. I did have activity. The first  MRI should not be used to determine my current situation.

Now, there are some memories I don't have. I worried about that for a while. There were other things that had to be done, so I don't have time to fret about it.

For a long time I've thought music is very therapeutic. I believe music  lessons build the wiring needed for rewiring (neuroplasticity). Music lessons in early childhood is good for later life.

A recent study shows it is specifically good for brain injury later in life,  It brings back memories. This particular study used pop songs from the last few decades. These were songs that participants heard years earlier.

Remember how I said I thought music is somehow tied to wiring? Those lost memories had been somehow wired to those old songs.

Music is important to brain injury then. Not just any music. It will have to be the music you used to listen.

As for that theory that memory is non-local.... Well you didn't lose your memories. You lost your ESP. Music would just be making you psychic if you remember anything. 

*I am only addressing experiences that have been encoded.

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