Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brain Injury and the Near Death Experience

The two happen together more times than reported. Symptoms of the Near Death Experience (NDE) are pawned off on the Brain Injury. The Brain Injury commonly creates memory loss. Any incident of death is forgotten. Behavior is subsequently changed. Although some behavior changes are due to the Brain Injury, some are due to the NDE.

The NDE is documented.
The following is a list of changes due to the NDE:

The Transformation
1. Death is joyous, safe, comfortable. a continuation, not to be feared.
2. Change in profession or job
3. Greater spiritual outlook on life
4. Increased risk taking
5.  Greater "zest for living". Life is for living, the "light" is for later.
6.  Greater appreciation of the daily struggles of ordinary life.
7.  Sense of meaning, even in the most mundane aspects of life.
8. Divorce is common.
9. Greater sensitivity to emotions, feelings, lessons of love.
10. Increased time spent with family, friends, social activities
11. Greater contributions to charity, volunteer service.
12. Decreased over the counter and illicit drug use.
13. More loving, caring for others.
14. More likely to be in a helping or service oriented profession.
15. Can be more resilient emotionally, take more emotional risks as transformation permits accelerated healing.
16. Become religious or spiritual leaders especially after Hellish experiences.

A person having a brain injury may have to go by their subsequent behavior and  reports of their injury to determine if  an  NDE occurred.


A famous Brain Injury and NDE. He remembers quite a bit. It's common to not remember any of it.

UPDATE 3/25/2017, 7/18/2018


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