Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Brain Gets Better

This particular diagram also has the four lobes of the brain which may give you a clue to your own or loved one's injury.

Supposedly, I only have that area hanging down, the brainstem. I don't have any of those lobes.

I disagree with that (me not having lobes) immensely. My behavior suggests this, also. If I didn't have those lobes, I wouldn't be writing this.

In the beginning of my brain injury I didn't have use of those lobes. Here's the evidence:

I had no speech. I couldn't breath on my own all the time. (I was temporarily off the ventilator for this picture.) I couldn't type. I definitely could not write. This picture was 11 years ago from the time I am writing this.

I have speech now and breathe on my own. I also move body parts. I obviously move my left finger. That's what I am typing with. I don't have total use of those four lobes, but there's some. It's enough to get by and not be in a hospital. The brain does get better.


UPDATE 2/17/2017
That  picture of me above is 8 months after my brain injury, but I spent my first 2 months with my eyes closed. I was deep asleep in a coma. Wounds eventually heal. The brain isn't as least mine wasn't. I wasn't looking at the camera for that picture. I wasn't looking at anything. I was staring off into space. I cropped that out of a group photo.

Here is an updated picture 14 years after the injury:  

I remain in a wheelchair, but I push to a stand now. This area is very slow. All of this was typed with my left index finger. This makes sense when you figure I pointed at everything with that finger. Speaking- that took a long time. I did years of a single word, then two, and so on. It still improves, but most understand me now. For example, I can speak to customer service now on the phone for orders that I have placed. I have hopes that other areas will improve the longer I am around.


  1. Angela, you are amazing and beautiful! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Angela, you are amazing and beautiful! Keep on keeping on!

  3. Hi Stroke Survivor Buddy!!!! I love your post. Your post is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You email me a raypereda at gmail if you want to chat. I had a brain stroke 23 weeks ago. My stroke was a baby compared to your big stroke. Take care, hugs, -Ray