Saturday, September 26, 2015

Using The Computer For Therapy

[Jennifer Stokley would like to tell you about a certain type of game that has helped her.

Most of these hidden object games are not timed. They can be performed by a person with lower motor skills such as myself.]


The computer is being used in a few ways.

Therapists are now making therapy videos. This next one is therapy on the affected arm, 

Stroke is just a type of brain injury. A lot of research is here probably due to funding. My brain injury is part stroke and part TBI. Both worlds are in one person. I don't look to one or the other. Stroke Nation has put many physical/occupational therapy videos on YouTube,

When I did start talking, I didn't get any speech therapy. I did need some advice on making the 'R' sound.

Put in "speech therapy making the [letter] sound" for your search. There's a lot of speech videos on the internet. (Some are good and some are bad. Look around.)

A popular area is brain games. Due to gaming nature, I recommend purchasing the game or belonging to a service. This little bit spent now  will save you from costly repairs later. (Downloading is the same as buying. Free is just $0.) The games that come installed on your computer are fine. As a matter of fact, some build cognitive skills. A few common ones are Solitaire-sequencing, Mah Jong-matching, Dominoes-matching, and on a new laptop, Candy Crush-recognizing patterns.

AARP offers free, computer safe, brain games on-line, Some places offer free teasers,

In the following video, a survivor tells how she is using the computer.

The true reason this Survivor posts videos! I promise!
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