Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Down and Out

Down and Out
Well you are down and out. You lost your job because of your condition. Now you have no money or insurance. You can't pay rent, but you have friends or family to stay with, or maybe you have a car to live in.
"Just 'til I get back on my feet," you say. Before that happens, and before it gets worse:

1. You'll need a permanent mailing address. A family member who has a house is best. You'll always be related and owning a house means it's long-term. You'll need the address to receive monthly assistance.

2 Go to your local welfare office and apply for homeless aid.

3. While there apply for Medicaid http://braininjuryknow.blogspot.com/2010/11/medicaid-govt-program.html They have a disability program, tell the worker to apply for this at the same time. If you have children there is a second automatic one, but it's only good if  the kid is with you and under 18.

4. I'm not sure what all your county will give for homeless, but it usually includes foodstamps. Those who receive these have learned alternative ways to use them.

5. Once you take care of immediate needs you need to get on SSI or SSDI. This will be a different office, most likely a different building.

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