Friday, February 6, 2015

A Walk In the Woods

Guided imagery, also called visualization is a technique in psychology. It was used on me for pain management when I couldn't communicate. Visualization/guided imagery has many uses. 

"Visualization, or guided imagery, involves a series of relaxation techniques followed by the visualization of detailed images, usually calm and peaceful in nature. If used for treatment, the client may visualize his/her body as healthy, strong, and free of the specific problem or condition. Sessions, conducted in groups or one-on-one, are typically 20-30 minutes and may be practiced several times a week. Guided imagery has been advocated for a number of chronic conditions, including headaches, stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety."

Take a walk in the woods with your imagination, and leave the pain behind in your body....

This video can also be used for meditation/mindfulness.

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